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Implementation and Reflection Report for Project

Reflective Journal for Project
Personal learning and reflection, ethical and accessibility issues, technology and technical learning, teaching and learning effectiveness, project plan, possible improvements and future extensions.
Previous to this blog I put together my proposal and preliminary design for the project, this information is confidential and was only submitted to my tutor and client.

Week 25th May to Project Completion 28th May 2015
  • Created google forms and docs for survey, course questions and questionnaire and linked them into site where appropriate.
  • Tested site, and tested site with two others. I have had to make a few changes to formatting i.e. Edited site page content background was too busy, so faded image and navigation bar on the side not user friendly, so I have added the horizontal bar and merged all modules into one tab.
  • Added copyright to site, as this is closed learning, no one can share or reproduce or store any part of the course.
  • This site is only accessible to authorised people, through the education manager sending them the link.  
  • Added extra pages to website (course files, this is so everything was in one place as well as on the appropriate pages).
  • Playing around with poster design. Downloaded EIT files and client file.
  • I find it interesting that I have never heard of or put together a academic learning poster before, it must be a teacher thing. (I have a business degree, neither had a few of my super brainy friends that have degrees in other areas). 
  • Rush, rush, rush now to actually make it to class this afternoon with everything finished.
  • Pretty happy with on-line training site, I managed to keep to the project plan with little deviation, although the time to maneuverer around google sites and embedding files took way too long.
  • I feel I have produced a good on-line training site that meets the objectives.  There is definitely room for improvement and additional learning of the programs. 
  • I didn't complete the French Application training video. I will add this at a later date.
  • Possible improvements would be to include a management system to track students results. Also the embedding files and template needs work to make it look more professional.
  • BOOM! 
  • Submitted all aspects of my project (poster, link to reflective blog, link to project website) and presented my on-line learning object to the class.  BOOM<BOOM!
  • Opps just realised I put the wrong process diagram in my poster, was suppose to be OTARA and I referenced ADDIE.  I wonder if MV notices.
  • Upon viewing other students work, you can see everyone has put in so much time and effort into their projects and the quality of some sites is just amazing! Well done everyone! This was certainly a challenging, technical course that MV has developed.  I have learnt so much.
Academic Poster

Week 18th May - 24th May 2015
  •  Must remember to add copyright on site, images, content and video files.  © Me, 2015 " as provided by the Copyright Act 1994, no part of this website may be reproduced, shared or stored in a retrieval system in any form or by any means without the prior written permission" ©  Images owned by my Client.
  • Constructed the multi-choice element in Camtasia and added it to the site.  I hope the page loads easily as the video and quiz elements tend to be large files. I had to sign-up to to load the quiz using the HTML code, after many attempts at embedding the file.
  • Added the course information description, OMG I don't know how to write HTML code, well I do now, I couldn't get my table in googlesites to format properly. Done!
  • Editing video, adding elements and constructing site this week.
  • I have one more video shoot with client on Thursday to do a couple of fix-ups (voice retakes & reshoot my portrait shots).
  • MV helped embed my quiz file. However it not to work when I got home, so I have added a link and set up a quiz in google forms and linked it back to google drive.
  • Edited more video.
  • Formatting site and preparing functionality. 
  • Started academic poster. Added content and mainly have to work on design.
 Week 11th May - 17th May 2015
  • Monday I purchased a tripod ($40) and selfie stick ($23) to be able to take long, steady video with my phone on Wednesday. Tested it, it is awesome. I have to reshoot some frames from last week as I realised I turned my phone to portrait in two of the shots.  Always have your phone on landscape for video, always! 
  • I have learnt that I am now an "iphonegrapher" "iphonefilmy".
  • Downloaded 'hot potatos" and added content to multi-choice questionnaire. I couldn't get it to upload onto my google sites.
  • I've been working on my site layout, deleted everything and starting fresh. I'm not sure if Google sites is going to facilitate all the learning that I want to do, or maybe I need to figure out a way to do it.  (i.e.: login, email).  The layout has to change to accommodate google sites functionality.
  • Wednesday, we shot the video for the other four modules, it went great, although I have to do a few extra edits when I produce it as their dog decided to have a little bark in some of the modules.  I know this will not be perfect as some of the angles and light could of been better, however the quality progressively improves.  I really needed to get some tips from Sir Peter Jackson before I started filming.  My client was an absolute a rock star, so professional, and so easy to work with, I couldn't of wished for a better person to do this with.  Oh yes and our hand model Kelly rocked too.  (I am sure she will get a nomination at the  Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress for "online training videos").
  • I am so pleased that the storyboard was spot-on for these modules and the learning outcomes where made very clear.  This ensured we were on-point with every aspect of learning in the demonstration videos.
(the video will only play on laptops and PC's)
Week 4th May - 10th May 2015
What a week.......I am now starting to construct my project  "Gel Polish Training"
  • I have set-up google drive with a folder called "project" and copied all my project files over.
  • Uploaded my homepage image to google sites and searching for  a good layout that will allow the text to be legible.  I may have to have a rethink and alter the image in photoshop to ensure it works.  As well as merge the two graphics I have for the other module web pages. [NW]
  • Self-learning of the web-based system "googlesites" and educating myself about its functions and use by watching many, many YouTube videos and trial and error application.
  • Trialled "google forms" to test multi-choice questionnaire, but not right, I will use this for  the survey.  MV suggested " hot potato's" for the multi-choice questionnaire. [NW]  "Camtasia" has this function too.
  • Before the first video shoot, my client and I went over the main learning outcomes of the module and reviewed the storyboard of key points, ensuring all points where covered.
  • Captured the first video with my client 8th May.  It went well, although because of the content there are a quite a few frames that will have to be meshed or "stitched" together.
  • Downloaded the "camtasia studio" software for video editing, and have watched 20 or so tutorials.  Then uploaded my videos by streaming my phone to sync with my laptop, since then I discovered a app that will be more efficient "fuse".  I have edited the original videos by splitting, cutting, adjusting zoom, audio, clip speed, adding animation and text etc. This training module is still in the post-production stage  and just needs a little more work before its final production (I will save as a MP4 file with video / HTML).  [NW]
  • Set-up next shoot with client and model for the 13th May.  We hope to get the other four modules videoed on this day.
Upon reflecting on this week, I realise I have so much to learn and produce in such a short amount of time.  Not only do I have to download the appropriate software or signup to these cloud based sites, I have to learn, utilise and apply them in my project. This is not as easy as it seems and very, very time consuming. Gee's MV this is like a multimedia class.  In saying that I am really enjoying creating my project and have time next week to really make some headway.  BOOM!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

DLT Blog coming to a close......or is it

I hope you enjoyed the ride!

8.2 Blog Comments

    What abuzzyworld said on other peoples blogs.
    Contribution to the class blog: Posted Sunday, 29 March 2015
    Teacher dashboard #vmvwiki
    Teacher dashboard video (local schools are using this e.g Taradale Primary School).

     Posted by

    1. I agree with your views on collaboration as an opportunity. And actually referenced your statement in my blog. Collaboration at its best. BOOM!

8.2 Reflection

As we continue the journey of learning and head toward the end of this course, it is time to reflect.

I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time. From new digital learning technologies and platforms to the issues that surround this type of learning and the role of learning technologists and pedagogies are used in an instructional multi-dimensional learning environment.

I now know the how to… about digital learning, by using adobe connect in a classroom environment and from learning from home. As well as the benefits and issues that can arise from this technology.

The different methodologies tutors can use to present a topic by inspiring learning with interactive lessons, real time assessment, virtual experiences, classroom contests and challenges. And the how to use the OTARA, ADDIE and rapid prototyping models.

I am more aware and savvy of my own personal learning and personal learning network I choose to engage in.  Having the guest speakers was great, in particular Joyce Seitzinger. WOW she's so inspiring and she was certainly on point with her lecture with us.

I enjoyed creating twitter account and blogging. I liked planning my project, however it did get quite technical and challenging and I lost myself in all the information a couple of times. KISS

I really enjoyed the whole experience, it is like looking into the future, but the future is already here… This digital age of learning will transform our classrooms, empower teachers and captivate and engage students and professionals. BOOM!

The course was run pretty smoothly, my only bug was the combination of both EIT online course material and the wiki course material. I found it difficult to navigate and always went round in circles trying to find what I required. Weather this was my level of understanding or a possible suggestion to streamline coursework into a more user friendly system. Of course I got there in the end, but quite frustrated. I would suggest handing out one sheet of paper with the navigation map of the course material on it and include due dates of assessments.

Good Job Michael, great course!

Completed Survey

7.1 Class blog/Campus walkabout

My contribution to the class blog reflecting on the issues that surround the use of the digital learning technologies. This explains the role of learning technologist and pedagogies, used in an instructional design model to map learning outcomes, assessments and activities.  

Link to the class blog, campus walkabout:   Posted: 9th April 2015
BOOM! DLT tour of ”TOM CATS” music lab/classroom  


8.1 Online Training Course

Example of an online training course
Massage Therapy At Home[edit | edit source] this course has been put together by a third year BCS student. It is an training video of how to massage at home. It is put together for a beginner level masseuse. They have used Wiki Educator as the platform for learning. They have used a wide array of assessment tools and photos. It is nicely formatted, professional and very user friendly. --Abuzzyworld (talk) 04:12, 23 April 2015 (UTC)